September 2015
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Top five ways the aborigines have changed Australian culture.

The aborigines are said to be the world-s oldest inhabitants and lived in Australia for over twelve thousand years before the arrival of the white man. At one point thousands of years ago, Australia was connected to New Guinea. It is believed the ancestors of the aborigines crossed over to Australia from New Guinea and used water rafts which have been found and this is evidence of the crossing.
The first aboriginals found a conducive environment than the one in present day Australia. Animals that are now extinct were a great source of meat. Some parts of Australia were very fertile and yielded bountiful vegetables. Due to the melting of ice in the Ice Age era, Australia separated from the rest of the world and left the Aborigines independent. There was no one to emulate in trade or culture and thus these people formed their own culture.
A recent government count of the population of the Aborigines puts them at 400,000. These people are very spiritual and have a close relation to the land they live in. They call the beginning of the world “Dreaming’. They believe that their ancestors rose from their graves to earth to form various features such as trees, water and even the sky.
The Aborigines are avid story tellers. They like to sing and show the Dreamtime story and dances and drawing on the sand accompany the stories. Their art includes sculpture, basket weaving and making necklaces using beads.
Today, most Aborigines earn their living through selling of art work. Their music consists of the famous instrument didgeridoo. This instrument is five feet and produces a low sounding hum. It is played during funerals, circumcision events and sunsets.
Due to the arrival of the white man, Aborigines were forced to assimilate with them and they caught diseases that were fatal. This resulted in a massive reduction of the Aborigines and their tribes