February 2012
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Plight of the Aborigines

You might have heard about the Aboriginal Australians but unless you take the time to truly understand their culture and the impact the settlers had on their society, you really don’t know what it means to be an Aboriginal Australian. That is why we wrote this quick little article in hopes of educating anyone interested on the rich and turbulent history of a proud people. So finish up what you’re currently doing, turn off the TV, save whatever you were researching regarding debt settlement service or the like and get ready to go down under.

The Aborigines were the first people in Australia, the indigenous people. Unfortunately, much like the Native Americans of the United States, they too were powerless to defend themselves against the modern world as it came encroaching upon their lives. Though initially created as a prison colony, Australia soon thrived and flourished, and the plight that faced the Aborigines was one of savage prejudice and nothing short of attempted genocide. The Aborigines were enslaved, many killed and many of their children were taken to re-education centers where Christianity was forced upon them.

Nowadays, there are still Aborigines in Australia but their presence is nearly invisible. Though recognized, they are still not given the respect they deserve or the necessary reparations for their ancestors’ plight. However, if you look close enough, you can still see signs of the Aborigine culture alive and well.

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