September 2011
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How can modern culture adapt with aborigines?

With an overabundance of modern technologies, it is difficult to imagine a world in which cell phones, computers and other modern advances simply do not exist. Many of us, like it or not, could never survive without the basic technological advances in which we have relied upon for years. Because of this, we have become ever the pessimists in believing why groups of individuals, such as the Aborigines and indigenous peoples of the jungle, remain so secluded from the world, its people and its superior cache of technologies.

As a people, the Aborigines have survived, for decades, free from the advances of modern man. They hunt, farm, fish and pillage for their very survival, living simply, as our ancestors had for centuries. In order to exist, peacefully, with the rest of mankind, they have remained out of direct confrontation. Though many recorded instances have arisen in which modern man has, for scientific purposes, attempted to break through and contact the remote tribes, their seclusion has remained an unbroken barrier. For these people, the continuation of their simplified way of living, and their survival as a whole, is dependent on the self-control of modern man to refrain from curiously interrupting their livelihood.

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